This career test reveals what career best suits your personality, what appeals to you and the conditions in which you would like to work. Below the form you can find more information on this and an example message as well.

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Instruction: Please answer to all questions!


Do you easily remember written information you read previously or the one you heard or spoke about in the past?


Do you have any hobbies related to animals or plants or enjoy exploring things related to them?


Are you aware of what motivates you on daily basis?


Do you frequently use non-verbal communication so that people around you understand your statement in few words?


Would you rather learn doing things by practicing than by listening or seeing how they are made?


Do you enjoy reading different stuff because you always try to get the reason behind the words?


Do you easily group and structure information you get so that you can easily have a clear view on it?


Do you have mathematical or other exact scienties hobbies or skills?


Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you always use this to behave as you should or achieve what you want?


Do you easily share your own thoughts to people around you?

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Instruction: Please answer to all questions!


Are you a person that builds strong and positive relations with people around you?


Are you good at practicing sports?


Do you find it easy to recognize musical tones and songs patterns?


Do you enjoy playing games that require you to think before any move you make or puzzles that require you to put them together in order to get the whole picture?


Do people around you say about that you are a person with an excellent self-awareness?


Do you consider yourself a good dancer?


Do you often have the tendency to analyze situations from various perspectives?


Do you enjoy being involved in different experiments or activities that aim to prove a certain ipothesis?


Do you have any writing talents or enjoy writing about various things in your life?


Do you consider you have proven skills in reading different images, charts or graphs?

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Instruction: Please answer to all questions!


Are you good at doing calculations quickly, even making them in you mind?


Do you enjoy searching and analyzing different conceptual ideas and theories?


Do you have any handmade talents, skills or hobbies?


Do you have a painting talent or enjoy painting?


Do you enjoy going out in the nature in your free time or weekends?


Do you easily argue on topics you discuss with people around you, so that everybody agrees you explained them very well?


Do you easily recognize different patterns or wizzards that can get you to the right point?


Are you always aware of your feelings so that you always try to act accordingly?


Do you enjoy singing or have any singing or playing musical instruments talents?


Do you easily debate on important topics and no one gets upset around you?

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Instruction: Please answer to all questions!


Do you often mediate and solve confilcts between people around you?


Do you have any hobbies in or are in anyway interested in zoology, biology botany or similar sciences?


Do you have literature related hobbies?


Do you usually get in time the right solution to the problems you encounter so that most of the people around you think you are a problem-solver?


Do you usually make jokes that people around you appreciate?


Are you atracted to abstract things rather than non-abstract things?


Do you have a good knowledge of musical notes and rhitms?


Do you easily communicate to all kinds of people?


Do you have no dificulty in telling stories to people around you, so that they listen to you with curiosity?


Do you consider yourself a logical and rational person?

Disclaimer: Please note that this test is for entertainment and informational purposes only.

How does this career test work?

This is a quick personality test designed to help you discover what would be the right career for you if you are young, curious and wondering what career to choose or if you want to make a professional change in your life.

Before explaining how the career test functions, it is important to explain that this is a hard question to answer with 100% accuracy. It depends from one person to another, so we all have a unique personality that further on dictates the career we prefer. Even so, based on the researches that have been made so far, there are some general guidelines on what career to choose based on the daily behavior and personality type.

The test has 40 short questions that cover most relevant career job types and all you have to do is go through the sections and choose the answers that best apply to you. Then by simply pressing the “Test Career!” your choices will be counted and analyzed in order to display a percentage of suitability with a certain group of careers. Please remember that the above tool should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional career assessment service.

Example result

86.36 % orientation towards… Lawyer Professor
Journalist Sociologist
85 % orientation towards… Writer Researcher
Scientist Sociologist
85 % orientation towards… Programmer Mathematician
Accountant Conductor
73.33 % orientation towards… Designer Engineer
Architect Artist
40 % orientation towards… Farmer Chef
Biologist Museolog
40 % orientation towards… Psychologist Philosopher
Politician Salesman

How to choose a career?

Here are some of the things you should consider while choosing your career:

1. What are your interests and hobbies?

One of the first things you might want to do is think of what interests you, what you like to do in general or what are your hobbies or the activities you have shown you are good at. Don’t stress too much to match them with a career at this point. Just think what attracts you and what would you do as work and it wouldn’t feel as work. Do you have a dream career? Have your ideas changed in time or you are still dreaming of the same thing since being a kid?

2. How do your interests match with real life careers?

Think of the subjects you enjoyed in school and the people you looked up to while growing up. What careers have attracted your attention? What kind of job would suit the abilities you have or in what direction you want to build your skills. For instance if you like to travel, why not consider being a flight attendant, travel blogger or work in a tourism agency? Bring your ideas in the real world!

3. Consider your experience and skills?

Think of the experience you have gathered up to this point and the skills you can demonstrate throughout this experience. If you are fresh out of school think of the areas in which you excelled and any kind of skills you could have build, e.g. team work. Why not consider your interpersonal skills as well. Do you like interacting with other people or are you a shy and quiet person? Would you fancy a front job or a back office position?

4. How about money?

Of course it is important to be passionate about what you do and make a choice that you support with all your heart but you sure that will offer a decent living and pay the bills? The financial situation is the sensible point when choosing a career and is probably the area where most people find themselves in need to compromise. Think of your life expectations and what are your wants and needs and decide on something to suit these.

5. Explore your opportunities

Once you’ve settled to a direction try and check all the prospects that are available to you and that would suit your abilities at this point but also your plans in climbing the ladder further. Try to be as objective as possible. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if you’d involve people close to you either and get their opinions.

6. Constant development

Think of how open you are in regard to continuing your education during your career and improving yourself on a constant basis. Is this something you’d fancy or you are more interested in practical careers that don’t require so much learning after obtaining the degree.

08 Mar, 2015