This color personality test reveals what your favorite color has to say about your personality and how this preference can direct your life. Read below the form how the assessment works and what can colors say about us.

How does the color personality test work?

This short test only asks you to choose one of the colors displayed according to your preference. Be spontaneous, stay with the first color that comes in mind.

This instinctual choice can reveal a lot of things about your personality. You are advised to go with your first impulse or with the choice you’ve always had in mind and the answer you always gave when asked which your preferred color was.

Once you click the button, the color personality test will tell you the most representative things your choice of color reveals about your personality.

While you may not exhibit all the characteristics of a certain color, you will probably find there are many traits you identify with in the color you first picked.

But what happens if you are undecided and particularly drawn to multiple colors? Well, how about letting your name decide which is the right color for yourself.

Name Echo created customized name meaning articles for millions of names in which their life impact is described, as well as the associated symbols, and one of the facts on the page refers to the “Name color”.

Example of a result

“People who choose Blue as their favorite color are creative, trustworthy and reliable and tend to live a harmonious and balanced life.

They prefer to keep to themselves and while it is very hard to gain their trust, once this is done, they are the most dependable and compassionate people.

Those who choose blue tend to sometimes use their emotions when faced with important decisions; however they rarely get overwhelmed and let emotions completely take over.

They are charming and fall in love often but are known to love with their minds rather than with their hearts. Genuine and sincere blue people are in search for inner peace and a life free of tension and distress.

Someone who prefers pale shades of blue is tidy and organized in all life aspects. People who prefer darker shades are moodier and more likely to be picky and emotionally insecure.

The color Blue symbolizes peace, stability and calmness. It is one of the most popular choices of favorite color. Pure blue as a representation of the sky and oceans is the symbol of inspiration and spirituality that is calming and soothing.”

If you like two colors just as much then you should use the test and read both the descriptions to have an idea on your traits and behavior. However a number of three or more colors should be reduced at just two for a more accurate result.

Color changes: Most of us have had the same favorite color since childhood but there are also persons that have changed their preference for colors during different stages of their lives. Some will temporarily prefer another color and then return to the originally favorite color.

Subconscious: Colors send different signals to our brain, therefore affecting our way of thinking. Any difference can change our mood. Surrounding yourself with the colors you like will help you feel more energized and empowered.

Colors and simple meanings table:

Color Simple meaning
Black concealing, fear, depression, fertile soil
Brown conventional, material side of things
Grey security, maturity, cool movement
White purity, kindness, loyalty
Silver spirituality, insightfulness
Gold wealth, good health, vitality
Purple spirituality, royalty, purpose
Blue inspiration, calmness, creativity
Navy trustworthyness, intuition
Turquoise communication, protection, idealism
Green balance, harmony, growth
Olive nature, healing, wealth
Orange enthusiasm, vitality, endurance
Red passion, energy, attention
Pink love, innocence and acceptance
Yellow youth, light and happiness

04 Dec, 2014