This histrionic personality disorder test reveals if you undergo any histrionic disorder symptoms or if your behavior is modified in any way. Below the form you can find an example result and more on this subject.

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Instruction: Please answer to all questions!


Do you often make all of your efforts just to be in the center of attention?


Do you have a tendency to act dramatically, no matter of the circumstances, when something unexpected happens, so people would watch you dealing with it?


Do you often experience shift emotions episodes from highs and lows and reverse?


Do others say about you that you have inappropriate flirtatious behavior?


Do you often need that much reassurance in order to go further on something that people around you bother?


Do you tend very easily to believe what others say without even analyzing what they say and why they say that way?


Do you tend to give up easily when somebody disapproves you?


Do you often get bored by routine so that you always try to avoid such activities?

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Instruction: Please check all of the sentences below that apply to you!


Do you experience any of the below?

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Instruction: Please answer to all questions!


Are you that much concerned with your physical appearance that most of your time you think of it or suffer from it?


Does it hurt you when you are not in the spotlight?


Do others say about you that your dress is inappropriate?


Do you often ask people for the same question as you did moments ago just to be sure that their answer or feedback stays the same?


Are you easily influenced by others to act as they say?


Does criticism affects you so much that makes you think people are against you?


Do you often change your plans without realizing what you can put to risk?


Do you often perform multitasking in a chaotic way so that people around you say you are disorganized?

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Instruction: Please check all of the sentences below that apply to you!


Do you experience any of the below?

Disclaimer: Please note that only a licensed medical professional has the authority to officially diagnose histrionic personality disorder. This test should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional mental health service.

How does the histrionic personality disorder test work?

This personality tool reveals whether you might suffer from the histrionic disorder by using a test that covers some of the most common histrionic symptoms and signs.

The histrionic personality disorder test will return a percentage reflecting symptom presence, meaning how many relevant signs were chosen and then a symptoms status description by adding the symptoms significance.

Within sections 1 and 3 there are in total 16 questions with symptoms where users can answer shortly by YES or NO, while within sections 2 and 4 there are in total 16 short statements with signs of histrionic personality disorder behavior where users are allowed to check as many signs as they experienced.

Just answer the questions in the test to have a better view about yourself and your personality but remember at all times that this should NOT be considered as a substitute for any professional medical or mental assessment service.

Example of a result

Presence of symptoms: 25.00%  - Mild Histrionic personality disorder

Based on your answers you seem to be undergoing mild levels of histrionic personality disorder. There are few important histrionic personality disorder related symptoms that bother you. The best advice would be to take a look at it and if you consider necessary you may search for a professional assessment of your mental health especially if what you are experiencing now seems to be getting worse in time. Please note that only a licensed professional has the authority to officially diagnose an individual with histrionic personality disorder symptoms.

What is the histrionic personality disorder?

Histrionic Personality Disorder often abbreviated as HPD can be defined as a personality disorder characterized by attention-seeking, inappropriate or seductive behavior in relation to others, extreme need for reassurance, high concern on physical appearance and lack of empathy for others. As occurrence, it is estimated to affect 1% of general population, although not all cases are officially diagnosed.


This is a mnemonic used to describe the most frequent signs and behaviors associated with HPD.

P= provocative behavior

R= relationship alteration

A= attention seeking

I= influenced

S= special discourse

E= emotional instability


M= make up, pretense

E= exaggeration

The table below presents other characteristics of the histrionic disorder:

Irritability Depression
Infidelity Violence
Denial Sabotage
Severe mood swings Patronizing behavior
Blaming others Manipulation
Easily angered Impulsiveness
Condescending Acting out
Radicalisation Bullying

09 Mar, 2015