This human for sale calculator proposes a practical approach to how much one values and predicts a funny human price based on your characteristics. Read below the form how this tool actually works and what it assesses.

Please answer the questions below. You can leave blank any items that you don’t know the answer to or don’t apply to you.

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Highest level of education:
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How often do you drink alcohol:
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How would you rate your sense of style:
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Do you have socializing problems?
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Do you consider yourself important for the society you live in?
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Disclaimer: Please note that this test is just for fun and entertainment purposes only!

How does this funny human for sale calculator work?

This is basically a form in which you input some personal data such as gender, weight and age but also a questionnaire that will ask you to answer to a series of questions related to your education and lifestyle.

This is a fun tool that will give you the price you’re worth based on your characteristics, ranging from the color of your eyes to the degree of education you have and how much exercise do you do.

You can do whatever you want with this funny human price, share it with your friends and brag about it or find ways in which to make it higher.

As a consensus, this tool assesses athletic ability, education level, income, iq, health status, exercise, weight, intelligence or sense of humor and gives them values and a certain importance in the final result.

The one below is an example of a quite high result that could be obtain within the form.

Your worth:



This human worth value calculator answers questions like the ones mentioned above by returning a dollar amount of money based on the input on the form.

Using it you can easily get a human’s price, but please note that this calculator has no relevance, being very subjective and that it was made for entertainment purposes only.

15 Dec, 2014