This introvert extrovert test will quickly tell you whether you have introversion or extraversion characteristic traits in your personality. You can read more about such psychological assessments, introverts and extroverts below the form.

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Instruction: Please select what describes you best!


Do you identify yourself with any of the below?

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Instruction: Please select what describes you best!


Do you identify yourself with any of the below?

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Instruction: Please select what describes you best!


Do you identify yourself with any of the below?

Disclaimer: Please note that this test is for entertainment and informational purposes only.

How does the introvert extrovert test work?

This is an easy personality assessment that asks you to choose from a series of sentences the ones that describe you best.

There are a total of 48 choices and these are designed to cover both the introversion and extraversion areas.

Once you complete the form you will be given a percentage of much you belong to either of these two.

This introvert extrovert test aims to show you whether you are more of a solitary thinker or a social bird. The choices you need to go through might also shed a new light on certain areas of your personality that you haven’t taken in consideration so far.

Introversion and Extraversion

These two terms have been one of the main points in the human personality theories. They were first acknowledged in the work of Carl Jung and although they are seen as different components, they sometimes come unitary and one can display traits from both dimensions.

If it were to consider extraversion introversion spectrum then in would be important where one falls in order to be able to describe the personality characteristics that derive.

There are many consecrated personality assessment models that have made use of these. Amongst them the Big Five model, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, Hans Eysenck's three-factor model and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.

Signs you are an extrovert

■ You prefer to be surrounded by many people and hate being alone.

■ You are quick to reveal things about yourself.

■ You consider yourself a happy and lively person.

■ You are quick to take action and even risks.

■ You prefer to talk more than you listen.

■ You prefer to take leadership than be led.

■ You bounce back from failures.

■ You draw your energy from being around other people.

Signs you are an introvert

■ You are a discreet and reserved person.

■ You prefer to work on your own.

■ You are easily tired by social interactions.

■ You are able to focus for long periods of time.

■ You don’t like to show your feelings.

■ You avoid entering any kind of conflict.

■ You are more oriented towards details.

■ You consider yourself a calm and serious person.

Signs you are an ambivert

Ambivert is considered to be the latest approach in the study of extroverts and introverts and is said to bring better sustainability to the model, implying that there are many people that display important traits from each of the two dimensions and that they could not be put with precision in one of the classical theories.

Maybe you are an optimistic and enthusiastic person at heart, who loves spending time with other people but in the same time you prefer to have your moments of solitude and maybe you’re not that interested to take leadership but you do care about your opinions being respected and you stand by them.

Example of a result


According to your choices, the introversion percent for you is 57% while the extraversion percent is 43%. This means that you are more of an Introvert than an Extrovert.

28 Dec, 2014