This left brain right brain test assesses your brain works and whether your left side is more dominant for logic or you are creative and right side oriented. Discover more on this subject below the form.

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How does the left brain right brain test work?

This is a useful tool for anyone who wants to discover how their brain functions and whether they have a side that is dominant over the other one. We all know about the two sides, brain hemispheres but not many know that the left one is concerned with logic, organization, numbers and languages while the right one regulates everything that has to do with creativity, reading faces, emotions and artistic inclination.

The left brain right brain test offers you a series of statements from which you can choose what you feel suits you best. You will then receive a result with a percentage that tells you how much you involve each of the parts in your daily life and what that says about you.

Left side of the brain

The left hemisphere focuses on processing information, on decrypting letters, numbers patterns and takes things in an analytical and sequential way. If this side is dominant you probably find it easier to learn other languages and you prefer technical activities. Such people take things one step at a time, have an organized reasoning and prefer to be objective and fact based.

Right side of the brain

The right hemisphere focuses on the creative approach, on abstract and personalized experiences and on seeing the bigger picture. If this one dominates you probably find it easier to express your emotions and are artistically inclined but also very impulsive and rely a lot on your intuition. This part would do anything to skip rules and have it’s way around everything that it feels would block the free spirit.

Improving their function

If you want to work your left brain better you might want to try an be more organized, create steps in which you approach activities and exercise argumentation of your choices and making more logical, calculated decisions rather than acting on impulse.

If you want to improve your right side on the other hand and become more creative, then you probably need to relax, take things easier, look at the bigger picture and practice self reflection. Maybe try and read a bit or two about emotions and definitely get in touch with art and don’t forget to try an imagine things as vividly as you can.

14 Jan, 2015