This mental age test is designed to reveal your mental age that might be quite different of your chronological age, through a series of choices you have to make.

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What is your current age?


How old do you think you are mentally?


Do you identify yourself with any of the below?

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Do you identify yourself with any of the below?

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Do you identify yourself with any of the below?

Disclaimer: Please note that this test is for entertainment and informational purposes only.

How does this mental age test work?

This is a form that asks you to fill in your current chronological age and comprises of a series of sentences that you will have to read and check only those with whom you agree most.

These sentences cover the most important areas of life and point out different opinions on the major subjects that change with the passage of years in one’s mind.

Each of the sentences carries a certain importance so whatever you choose it set to define your current perspective and your mental age.

Mental age meaning

There are many tools all over the internet that try to build up the mental age according to different characteristics and life perceptions that then put the user into a certain age range.

However, the concept that this first took of from it is a bit different. Firstly it was put in relation with the intelligence quotient and it was used to assess the intelligence of children and to see whether they are following a normal development.

Which are the areas that this mental age assessment tool uses?

This mental age test considers the following main areas:

- Appearance - Emotions - Nightlife
- Birthdays - Environment - Politics
- Career - Family - Relationships
- Development - Finance - Technology
- Diet - Health - Travel

Chronological/ Biological age versus mental age

The first represents the age that we have according to how much time have passed since we were born and it is measured in years and sometimes we also add the number of months past a certain age.

Mental age on the other hand is commonly referred to as the age that could be attributed to a person that has the depth of our thoughts and perceptions. To continue the analogy, this is similar to emotional age as well.

17 Dec, 2014