This narcissistic personality disorder test reveals if you suffer from NPD based on your answers to 24 direct questions covering most of the symptoms. Below the form you can find an example result and more on this subject.

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Instruction: Please answer all the questions!


When doing regular things, do you often expect to be recognized as superior by others?


Do you often seek admiration from others, otherwise you get upset?


Do you often believe that others envy you because of something you have that they don't ?


Are you often being accused by others of unemotional behavior?


Do you often exaggerate your achievements, even when there is no reason to do that?


Do you often criticize others viciously in order to feel better?

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Do you think most of the people around you are smarter than you?


Are you often being accused by others of trying to disparage them?


When being criticized, do you often feel you can't manage the criticism?


Do you often feel rejected, humiliated and threatened when being criticized?


Do you often ignore the feedback of others because you think your position is the right one?


Do you often have problems when trying to work cooperatively with others?

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Do you often demonstrate grandiosity in your behavior and beliefs without any reason, that bother people around you ?


Do you often experience conflicts with people you know?


Do you often seek special treatment from people around you, without any reason?


Are you often being accused by others of taking advantage of them to achieve your own goals?


Do you often ignore the feelings of others or can't be empathic to other people?


Do you often believe you have a stronger power or intelligence than others have?

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Do you often set up unrealistic targets for yourself, that later on seem to be to hard to achieve?


Do you often seek power and act as to achieve it no matter what?


Do you often have exaggerated feelings of self-importance without any reason and that annoy people around you?


Do you often envy other people because you think they have something that you don't ?


Are you often being accused by others of arrogant attitude and behavior?


Do you often seek attention from others, otherwise you get upset?

Disclaimer: Please note that only a licensed medical professional has the authority to officially diagnose an individual with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This test should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional mental health service.

How does this narcissistic personality disorder test work?

This is a self assessment test designed to help you understand and reveal whether you may suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). The test comprises of 24 short NPD questions that cover most of this personality disorder symptoms.

The narcissistic personality disorder test returns a percentage of narcissism symptoms meaning how many NPD signs you may have together with a short symptoms description. Please remember that the above test should NOT be considered as a substitute for any professional medical/mental health service.

Example result

Presence of disorder symptoms: 25.38% - Possible narcissistic personality disorder.

Based on the answers you provided it is unlikely that you undergo any relevant narcissistic personality disorder symptoms at a worrying level that affect you. However it seems that there are a few narcissistic personality disorder symptoms that bother you and should take a look at it and if you consider you might search for a professional assessment of your mental health especially if what you are experiencing now seems to be getting worse in time.

What is the Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

This mental disorder, often abbreviated as NPD, is a type of rare personality disorder that is characterized by an exaggerated feeling of self-importance, by an excessive care for power, superiority, prestige, admiration. It is characterized by acute selfishness and a lack of empathy towards other people. Individuals suffering of this condition consider themselves better than other people and are often patronizing and over confident. This is one of the disorders that are more frequently diagnosed in men and it is said to occur in 1% of world population.

Causes are yet to be discovered but as for many mental illnesses they are put on certain biological imbalances in the brain and also on genetic and social disposition.

NPD symptoms

Believing in own uniqueness Selfishness
Social issues Mania
Manipulative Exploitative
Risk seeking behavior Cheating tendencies
Self importance Irritability
Feelings of superiority Envy
Blaming others Living in a fantasy world
Altered perceptions Moderated paranoia
Impatience Feeling special
Moderated histrionism Deceitfulness

Narcissism subtypes by Millon

  1. Without principles – antisocial behavior, deceit and exploitation without scruple;
  2. Phallic – aggressiveness, low sense of security, irritability;
  3. Romantic – similar to histrionic characteristics, passionate, conqueror;
  4. Compensating – negativism, pessimistic, passive aggressive avoidant of social contact;
  5. Elite – believing of a higher society that he or she as an individual is part of for their merits;
  6. Fanatic – with paranoid tendencies, low self esteem and inhibition during developing years, fights for recognition and admiration.

02 Apr, 2015