This personality test priorities reveals your life priorities in a fun way by considering how you react in crisis situations that require a quick response. Read more on this subject below the form.

Instruction: There are five things happening at the same time and you feel pressured to do them quickly. Which is the order in which you tackle them?

Here are the five activities you need to complete, rank them from 1 (the first action you would do) to 5 (the last thing you would do) by choosing for each the corresponding number: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The phone is ringing - unknown number.
Choose the priority:*
Your things are outside and it starts to rain.
Choose the priority:*
The child is crying for you and wants to be picked up.
Choose the priority:*
In a hurry you’ve just spilled a glass of water on the furniture.
Choose the priority:*
Someone is ringing the front door.
Choose the priority:*

How does this personality test priorities work?

This is a fun and simple online personality tool that will show which is the real order of priorities in your life and the things that you subconsciously consider more important. It works as a priority test that gives you a scenario in which there are 5 actions that are happening at the same time and you need to choose the order in which you are going to tackle them.

Remember that each of them needs your attendance in a certain measure. From now on it’s up to you how much importance you give to these actions. You are asked to rank them from 1-5 in the order from the first to tend to the last. You need not think too much just choose, so you can deal with all of them as quickly as possible.

The personality test priorities tries to assess how you deal with unexpected concomitant situations and once you press the test button you will receive the interpretation of your choices in 5 messages that correspond to each of your five ranks.

The meanings behind the result ...

As this kind of priority test works as a psychological test it means that each of the five actions you simply see as situations that might come up in real life, and sometimes at the same time, has a deeper subconscious meaning.

The way you choose to tackle all the activities shows which one of them is most important to you or simply the way your mind works when you have multiply tasks at hand.

The simple interpretation of the five situations shows that:

“The phone is ringing - unknown number.” Directs to the attention give to career and professional life.

“Your things are outside and it starts to rain.” Reveals the attention given to personal and sexual life.

“The child is crying for you and wants to be picked up.” Directs to the attention towards family.

“In a hurry you’ve just spilled a glass of water on the furniture.” Reveals the desire for wealth and success.

“Someone is ringing the front door.” Attends to the importance given to friends and relatives

05 Feb, 2015