This psychopath test is designed to help you discover if you confronted with any psychopath symptoms or if you suffer of this personality disorder. You can discover more about this concern and check an example below the form.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the four sections below!

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Does it often happen for someone to tell you manipulate people around you just to achieve your own goals?


Does it often happen that someone tells you have no gratitude for kindness, trust and help other people are offering to you?


Do you often have difficulties in actively listening people around you because your mind gets focused on your own stuff?


Do you have difficulties offering or feeling real love or in feeling attached to somebody or something?


Does it often happen to you to be insincere without even realizing that you lie people around you with no second thought?


Does it often happen that someone tells you are an extremely egocentric person?

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Do you have difficulties establishing a clear life path for yourself or even in establishing clear targets for a short time period?


Do you rarely experience delusions because you are a very rational thinking person?


Are you a very calm person?


Do you rarely take into account other people's feelings before taking any decision or performing different actions?


Do you often have an attitude of disregard for obligations, no matter if they are of little or great impact?


Do you usually choose doing things that are risky, rather than safe activities?

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Are you an eloquent person?


Are you a person with a considerable poise?


Does it often happen for someone to tell you have no sense of responsibility?


Do you rarely believe you can hurt people around you by your attitude or by your actions?


Does it often happen to you to be extremely charming but to be accused of high superficiality?


Are you rarely empathic to people around you, because the lack of any true insight of the problems people around you confronted with?

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Does it often happen for someone to tell you are an arrogant person?


Do you rarely experience anxiety or other personality symptoms?


Does it often happen for someone to tell you have a poor judgment?


Does it often happen to you to behave antisocial without any particular reason?


Does it often happen to you to fail learning from experience, so that you every time you choose the wrong solution on the same issue?


Does it often happen for someone to accuse you of vulgarity, rudeness or quick mood shifts behavior?

Disclaimer: Please note that only a licensed medical professional has the authority to officially diagnose an individual with symptoms of such kind. This test should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional mental health service.

How does this psychopath test work?

This is a free personality test designed to help you check if you experience psychopath symptoms. The survey type of assessment comprises of 24 question that aim at the most relevant symptoms and signs of this type of mental illness.

After the questions are answered, the psychopath test will count how many of your choices are relevant in this case then it sums their significance in order to display a percentage of the presence of psychopath symptoms together with a short interpretation of the level.

You should note that the above test is NOT to be considered a substitute for any professional medical/mental health service.

Example message

Presence of symptoms: 11.31% - No Psychopath symptoms

Based on the answers you provided it is unlikely that you undergo any relevant psychopath symptoms that affect you. However if you are worried about certain emotional, behavioral or interpersonal reactions or any similar psychopath symptoms or if you consider necessary you may search a professional assessment of your mental health.

What is psychopathy?

This is a type of personality disorder that may affect people. It is characterized by inadequate interpersonal behavior (antisocial behavior, lack of empathy), impulsivity, grandiose self-worth feelings, pathological lying or lack of long term goals. It is also considered as the most difficult to diagnose because most individuals may appear as healthy although they hide behavioral patterns like those presented above.

This was the first term to denote this mental disorder and it is now gradually substituted by the terms sociopathy with the substitute sociopath. There is an uncanny similitude with the antisocial personality disorder but at the same time individuals with antisocial behavior have a history of harmful actions called conduct disorder.

Psychopathy symptoms

  • Signs of cold rational thinking.
  • Lack of neurotic symptoms, calmness and poise.
  • Irresponsible, lack of reliability.
  • Frequent resorting to conning, manipulation.
  • Pathological lying.
  • Evasiveness and mood shifts.
  • Impersonal behavior.
  • Disorderly character.
  • Violent or aggressive behavior.
  • Distorted self image.
  • Lack of reaction to both criticism and praise.
  • Lack of empathy or sharing emotions.

02 Apr, 2015