This racism test will determine whether you have any racial tendencies and any unusual discriminatory thoughts through a series of direct questions. You can read more about this assessment below the form.


Do you consider yourself racist?


Are you friends with people from a different race?


Have you dated anyone outside your race? If not, would you do that?


Do you believe in race stereotypes?


Were you raised in a racist environment in any way?


Do you use pejorative terms that define races?


Do you consider all people are equal, no matter their gender or race?


Do you think racism is a behavior to be tolerated?


Do you consider racism and keeping races separate is a good measure?


Do you live in a multicultural neighborhood? If so, do you enjoy that?


Is there a race that you don't like?


Do you consider yourself of a pure race?


Do you think mixed race children should not exist?


Do you ever use racial slurs?


Do you know any racist people and if so, do you think they are right?

How does the racism test work?

This works as a racism questionnaire and comprises of 15 questions that will take you through a whole range of tendencies and behaviors that are commonly associated with racist discrimination.

You can answer with yes, no or say that you don’t know. You will be then given a result that will assess whether you are racist or not.

What is racism?

This term is quite recent, belonging to the twentieth century so it doesn’t necessarily have an established definition but it is associated with discrimination, prejudice and oppression and violence.

Racism is widely used to show prejudice and discrimination between people that is based on race, basically biological difference.

Some societies in time have ranked races, some being consider superior while others inferior therefore some people pertaining to the races deemed superior consider themselves better in some ways than other people.

Racism can take many shapes, from real discrimination to stereotyping and using assumptions based on abilities.

The United Nations defines racial discrimination in the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination.

Racist attitudes and behaviors

Here are the most common signs of racist behavior:

■ One of the major uses of racism is through racial stereotyping that sometimes confounds race with cultures and would state that some races are better than others at performing certain acts or are more intelligent etc.

■ Segregation represents the separation of races that should be educated and in general live separate lives.

■ Some people are also exaggeratedly proud of their race and advert that while discriminating others and also to a belittlement of other races.

■ People with racist beliefs tend to believe that others from their race have similar beliefs so they search to associate to others with the same convictions and they would make constant references to race. They also do that in order to try and maintain their superiority.

■ Defensive behavior leading up to hate and violent can be latent or manifest itself due to certain triggers, like interactions with other races or any event that puts that race in a bad light.

10 Jan, 2015