This sociopath test reveals if you might undergo any symptoms related to sociopathic disorder through 24 simple but comprising questions. You can discover more about this concern below the form.

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Do you often consider that others should act just as you say, otherwise they will fail?


Do you consider you are extremely charming and charismatic compared to other people?


Do you often consider you are the smartest of the people around you?


Do you find yourself generating a lot of energy around you, so that everybody pay attention or look at you?


Do you consider you can easily manipulate others?


Do you consider you are a skilfull orator compared to other people?

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Do you often make false threaths of suicide?


Do you usually experience delusions of grandeur?


Do you consider you can easily empathize in relation to others without even feeling that is right for you?


Do you usually feel that your feelings and beliefs are the singlest right feeelings and beliefs in the world?


Do you consider you are incapable of love compared to other people?


Do you usually feel that you deserve what is the best, while others do not deserve these things?

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Do you often think you are the only one who is absolutely right?


Do you often ignore the opinions of others without even acknowledging it?


Does it often happen to lie without even acknowledging doing so?


Do you seldom have guilty feelings?


Do you seldom take time to meditate?


Do you seldom experience feelings of shyness or shame?

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Do you seldom experience feelings of insecurity?


Do you seldom feel scared by various risks?


Do you seldom experience loss of your words?


Do you seldom learn from punishment?


Do you seldom experience signs of irrational thinking?


Do you seldom experience nervousness?

Disclaimer: Please note that only a licensed medical professional has the authority to officially diagnose Socipath Disorder. This test should NOT be considered a substitute for any professional mental health service.

How does this sociopath test work?

This is a quick personality test built to help determine if you experience any signs related to the sociopath personality disorder. If this is valid you can test at what level you have confronted with this mental disorder so that you can concentrate on the problems that affect your interpersonal relations.

The sociopath test comprises of 24 direct questions that are targeted at the main experiences and feelings a person with this condition might be going through. All you have to do is go thought the sociopath symptoms questions, choose your answers within the 4 sections, press “Test Sociopath!” button, then the test will count your answers and return you a sociopath percentage together with a short description of the disorder level.

You should note that the above test is NOT to be considered a substitute for any professional medical/mental health service. Only a licensed professional has the authority to officially diagnose an individual with sociopath behavior.

Example result

Presence of disorder symptoms: 4.79% - No sociopath personality disorder

It is unlikely that you undergo any relevant sociopath personality disorder symptoms, so there is no risk that you cannot adapt to the ethical and behavioral standards of your community or of the society and groups you live in. However, please note this test may not reveal with 100% accuracy the presence of sociopath symptoms.

The sociopath personality disorder

This is a type of personality disorder that is considered to be anti-social. Sociopath personality is based on a full set of reactions and social behavior that prevents people from adapting to the ethical and behavioral standards of the community they live in. Symptoms become obvious for most individuals during their 20s although there are signs from early childhood, for example impulsive or violent behavior. As for the cause, just like most personality disorders it is said to be a combination between genetic inherited tendencies and the influence of the upbringing and living environment.

Symptoms and signs of antisocial personality

  • Unable to discern between right or wrong.
  • Persistent lying and deceiving patterns.
  • Violent behavior, hostility, irritability.
  • Unable to respect the rights of other people.
  • Lack of empathy, engaging in abusive relationships.
  • Unable to understand consequences of one’s actions.
  • Selfishness and over confidence and sense of worth.
  • Tendency to exploit and manipulate other people.
  • Lack of shame, of guilt feelings.
  • Using charming attitude to convince others.
  • Irresponsible and risk taking behavior.

Am I a sociopath?

It is hard to find yourself if you are a sociopath or not. Only a licensed professional has the authority to officially diagnose an individual with sociopathic behavior. However what you can do is analyze two kinds of reactions and feelings:

First of all you should analyze and react to the feelings and social behavior you have in relation with other people. This way you can figure out whether you experienced the behavior mentioned within the test or not. If you experience sociopathic behavior you should try to avoid it as much as possible, but to do that you should first know the sociopath symptoms.

Secondly you should analyze the feelings and social behavior others have in relation with you. The feedback you receive from others, the way they react on you might help you find out whether you suffer from sociopathic disorder or not.

03 Apr, 2015