This Generation calculator uses the year you were born in to reveal the population generation you belong to. The term generation has been widely used to describe a certain spectrum of population cohorts with social & demographic implications. It is natural to wonder: What generation am I? or to want to know the characteristics of any generation.

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Generations table

The following table summarizes what you need to know about Western generations so you can track your own in time.

Generation Births from Births until Coming of age
The G.I. Generation – Greatest Generation 1900 1924 1918 - 1942
The Silent Generation – Lucky Few 1925 1945 1943 - 1963
The Baby Boom Generation – Baby Boomers 1946 1965 1964 - 1983
Generation X – Latchkey Kids 1966 1979 1984 - 1997
Generation Y – Millennials 1980 1994 1998 - 2012
Generation Z – Gen Next 1995 2016 2013 - 2034

Most of these primary generations still have a role in today’s market place, but the recent research has shown that Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as largest generation in the US.

What generation am I?

The generation calculator tool provides you with descriptions for all the established generations starting with 1900 and right until present:

G.I. Generation (1900-1924)

■ Also known as the Greatest Generation, includes the veterans who fought in World War II.

■ Lived through two World Wars, the Great Depression and many other advances.

■ They are conservative savers, hard-working , with a high sense of moral obligation, patriotism and respect for authority.

■ Two overlapping groups consistent with the Depression Era (born between 1912-1921) and the World War II cohort (born between 1920-1924 to fight in 1939-1945).

■ The parents of the Baby Boomers.

Silent Generation (1925-1945)

■ Born between the two World Wars, many of them who were too young to join the service in the World War II.

■ Also known as the “Post War Cohort” or the “Lucky Few”.

■ Lived through the post war economic boom but also through tensions and approaching wars.

■ Conservative, rational savers, hard-working, patriotic members that fight for security and stability.

Baby Boom Generation (1946-1965)

■ Born after the World War II, their parents belonging to the G.I. Generation.

■ A 14 year increase in birth rate worldwide.

■ Focused on the civil rights movement and cultural development.

■ Lived through the Vietnam War, MLK, the Kennedy assassination, the Nixon resignation.

■ They came of age in the ‘60s with the hippie movement, Woodstock and college rages.

Boomers I or The Baby Boomers (1946-1954) and Boomers 2 or the Jones Generation (1955-1965).

■ Many of the Baby boomers embraced a more conservative behavior and eventually gave birth to Generations X and Y.

Generation X (1966-1979)

■ Also known as the Gen X is the first generation to follow the Baby boomers.

■ This is also the first generation to be named and defined by marketers.

■ Many of its members are aware of their generational title.

■ Came of age in the '80s and '90s with the Reagan era, Challenger explosion, fall of Berlin Wall, Persian Gulf War, economic recession.

■ The all-knowing spoiled kids of the Baby Boomers yet with fewer ambitions and less driven to change the world.

■ The generation X kids are called the “latchkey” kids, exposed to daycare and family instability and this has probably shaped how they regard their family life and how the next generation, Y, is being educated. - The best educated with 29% obtaining a bachelor’s degree or higher (6% higher than the previous generation).

Generation Y (1980-1994)

■ Also known as the Echo Boomers or Millennials.

■ The demographic cohort of individuals, primarily children of the Baby boomers.

■ This generation grew up with many world-changing events including the rise of mass communication, technological advance.

■ All knowing as the former Gen X they have what it takes but are also willing to do something about it.

■ This generation benefits from all science advances and better education and has the ambition and desire to change the world.

■ They have been exposed and seen so much that are now immune to traditional ways from marketing to sociology.

Generation Z (1995-    )

■ The term generically used to describe the cohort of people born around 2000.

■ Also known as iGenerationGen Tech, Gen Wii, Net Gen, Gen Next, Post Gen.

■ This is a generation living in a society where everything is possible and the main communication channel is the internet.

■ A volatile environment of terror threats, possible nuclear or biological attacks.

■ Family stability and moral values put aside, heightened sense of self.

■ Education is now focusing on developing practical skills and enriching creativity..

This generation calculator is a tool designed to help you find quickly what generation you are and which are the characteristics of your up bringing.

The algorithm behind it is simple and takes account only of the year you were born in and the sociologic and marketing studies in the area.

Apart from the particularities of a specific demographic cohort someone is born under, there are other interesting facts that can be found considering the age and birthday

10 Jul, 2015