This age calculator determines your age in all the time subunits from year to second as of the current day or any date from the past. You can discover more about the calculations provided below the form.

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How does this exact age calculator work?

This is a time tool that calculates your age in years, months, weeks and even in days, hours, minutes and seconds as it is today or in any other date from the past or future. It requires only two fields to help you find out how old you are: Your birth date and the day you want to test it for. For the second field there is the following discussion. If you want to…

use the current date – you don’t have to change anything as it is by default set like that;

use a past date – enter it yourself and you will receive the count for that day;

use a day in the future – enter that date in the calculator and the result will appear accordingly.

The result comprises of the different values of time that your age has and the age calculator also returns the countdown to your next birthday in case you test it against the current date. Don’t bother calculating your age manually just find out how old you are with this form.

Example of a calculation

Let’s take for instance the case of a person born on May 9 1995 who wants to know their complete age at the time of August 7th 2016. Here is the result:

You are 21 years old...

  or 254 Months old
  or 1108 Weeks old
  or 7761 Days old
  or 186276 Hours old
  or 11176607 Minutes old
  or 670596478 Seconds old

And, Your next birthday will be in:
9 Months 1 Day 11 Hours 12 Minutes 2 Seconds

04 Feb, 2015