This age and life expectancy calculator predicts your life expectancy based on the average statistics per each country and tells you how much you’ll live. There is in depth information on this topic below the form.

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How does this age and life expectancy calculator work?

If it ever crossed your mind when will you die or how long will you leave then this form will provide you an interesting answer. You can practically find out how much time you have left according to statistics that are tailored to your country of residence. You are only asked to enter your birth date, gender, country and your own prediction of life expectancy in years.

Then the age and life expectancy calculator will return:

  • Your age in years, months, weeks and even in days, hours, minutes and seconds;
  • A percentage of how much you have spent as by your own assessment on life expectancy;
  • A percentage of how much you have lived as by World Health Organization life expectancy statistics;
  • How close your prediction was to how long statistics say people in your country are expected to live.

The tool basically calculates the difference between the date of your calculation request and the birth date you enter, in order to provide you the time you have lived so far. The time passed is shown in different time measurement units from your age in years till your age in seconds. It uses the concept of life expectancy described as a statistic number of years that a person, either male or female from a certain region is likely to live.

Example result:

You are 54 years old...

  or 655 Months old

  or 2851 Weeks old

  or 19957 Days old

  or 478979 Hours old

  or 28738770 Minutes old

  or 1724326246 Seconds old

- According to your life expectancy of 76 years, you have already lived 71.05% of your life.

- According to World Health Organization statistics 2011 you have already lived 71.05% of your life.

- You entered that you live in United States and for the males in your country the life expectancy is 76 years. That means your prediction is exact since there is a zero difference between your prediction on how long you will live and international statistics.

27 Dec, 2014