This age on other planets calculator shows you how old you currently are on various planets, from Earth to Mars or Mercury and even your age on Pluto. Find more on this subject below the form.

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How does the age on other planets calculator work?

This tool presents you with a list of your age on Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and even your age on Pluto. And you are only asked to input your birth date in the form.

There is no magic trick here and the ages you receive on different planets are not invented by this age on other planets calculator. The is a subject that science already clarified.

We first need to be clear about what is time. It is a notion created by humans to keep track of events and began with the simple observation of sun rising and setting. This way days were created. With the help of other observations the rest of the time measurement system was put in place.

A year on any planet represents the time necessary for that planet to orbit the Sun. Since each planet has its own speed to revolve, this amount of time has different values in Earth years. Did you know that the closest the planet is, the fastest it revolves? Discover the list of your ages in 8 of the most important planets in the Solar System.

Example results:

Your age in the solar system is:

  • On Earth you are 24 years old
  • On Mercury you are 99.59 years old
  • On Venus you are 39.02 years old
  • On Mars you are 12.76 years old
  • On Jupiter you are 2.02 years old
  • On Saturn you are 0.81 years old
  • On Uranus you are 0.29 years old
  • On Neptune you are 0.15 years old
  • On Pluto you are 0.1 years old

29 Dec, 2014