This birthday calculator provides a series of fun birthday facts about the day you were born on from lucky numbers to seasons. Read more on the calculations provided and check an example below the form.

Your birthday:*

How does this birthday calculator work?

This is a simple online quick tool that provides you a series of fun birthday facts about the day you were born on. You can find the week day in which you were born, your age in days and even hours, some info on the lucky numbers, flowers and trees and many other fun facts.

So how does it do it?

Well, in order to retrieve you the week day in which you were born it consults the calendar from your birth year. The calendar will also give you the season to which the birthday belongs, both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. If a leap year has 366 days and the rest of the years 365 and we already know how many days have passed from the current year, then you will sure know how many days you have lived so far. You know a day has 24 hours, but how many hours have you spent so far? Discover these answers with the birthday calculator!

Do you know which is the principal numerological number for your birthday? You could calculate it by summing the digits in your birth date or you could retrieve it real quick in the calculator. And why not also get a lucky number in addition to this. Don’t worry if sometimes these numbers are just the same, it just means they have a greater influence in your life.

How about a countdown telling you exactly where you stand?

The result in the calculator ends up with a countdown to your next birthday so you know exactly how much time there is left until you change your age again!

Example calculation

Taking the case of someone born on June 18 1998. This is the result:

  • According to your birth date, you were born on a Thursday;
  • Your birthday is in Summer in the Northern hemisphere and in Winter in the Southern hemisphere!
  • Your have already lived for exactly 6,064 days!
  • Your age in dog years is 81!
  • The numerology for your birthday is 6!
  • Your lucky number is 6!
  • The zodiac sign associated to this birthday is Gemini!
  • The lucky flower associated to this birthday is the Lavender!
  • The lucky tree for this birthday is the Apple Tree !
  • Your next birthday will be in: 4 Months 24 Days 2 Hours 47 Minutes 25 Seconds!

22 Mar, 2015