This day calculator determines the number of days between two certain dates or finds a specific calendar date or day by adding or subtracting specific time. Discover more information on this subject below the form.

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How does this day calculator work?

This is a quick time tool that helps you calculate various scenarios involving dates and days or hours, minutes. The day calculator has 2 tabs each one being designed to handle number of days or calendar day calculation.

  • The Date to Date tab finds the number of days between two different dates. This is especially useful when trying to calculate the number between two particular dates as it is explained below. You need to input 2 things:

- The Start date meaning the first date to be used to count the days until the second date you need to specify (End Date);

- The End date meaning the last date to be used to stop counting the days from the start date.

For instance when counting the number of days between Start date = January 26, 2014 to End date = August 7th, 2014 the calculator will return a number of 193 days if the “Including the day of the end date -add 1 day” checkbox is selected, or a number of 192 days if that checkbox is not selected.

  • The Add or Subtract tab finds the calendar date or day by adding or subtracting specific number of years, months, weeks or days to a certain date. Here you will be asked to input or choose:

- The Start/End date you want to used for the subtracting or addition.

- Choosing the right operation: you have to choose between two operation types: Add or Subtract;

- The certain number of years (if applicable), and/or months (if applicable), and/or weeks (if applicable) and/or days (if applicable) – meaning the time units you would like to add to or subtract from the Start date in order to determine the calendar date and week day.

For instance when adding a number of 5 months, 3 weeks and 6 days to the Start date of June 17, 2014 the form will return the calendar date December 11, 2014 – Thursday.

For instance when subtracting a number of 2 years, 3 months and 5 days to the Start date of December 25, 2014 the  tool will return the calendar date September 21, 2012 – Friday.

Example calculation

  • Using the date to date tab:

Let’s say we are interested to see which is the difference between January 24 2015 and July 11 2015, including the day of the end date. The result is:

Time difference… is 168 days
or 24 weeks and 0.95833333333333 days
or 5 months and 18.958333333333 days
or 0 years, 6 months and -11.041666666667 days

  • Using the add or subtract tab:

Let’s uncover what date is going to be 15 weeks and 5 days from May 3 2015. The result is: August 20,2015 which is going to be a Thursday.

22 Mar, 2015