The day I was born calculator uses the month and day you were born to give you five important events that have happened in history on the same date. Discover more about the subjects approached below the form.

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How does this day I was born calculator work?

This is a quick online tool designed to use the month and day you input in the form to retrieve 10 events that have happened in history on the same day, in different years. The years range from late 1700s to the 2010s. The day I was born calculator covers all 366 days in the leap years so you can search for today in history facts for any date you like.

Example of a result

For instance for the January 1st search, these are the 10 events that show up:

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland established in 1801.                               
  • Congress prohibits importation of slaves in 1808.                        
  • Alcatraz officially becomes a Federal Prison in 1934.                  
  • First newsreel in color Pasadena Ca in 1948.                
  • Cigarette advertisements banned on TV in 1971.                         
  • Cameroon gains independence from France in 1960.                
  • AT & T broken up into 8 companies in 1984.                
  • Beatles Decca audition in 1962.                       
  • Spain & Portugal become 11th & 12th members of Common Market in 1986.
  • Britain Ireland & Denmark join Common Market in 1973.

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