This life expectancy calculator shows your life value average in your country and tells you how much time you’ve already spent from your existence. More on this subject you can find below the form.

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How does the life expectancy calculator work?

It is normal for people to wonder how long will they live or at what age they will probably die. This tool represents a quick way to check life expectancy as derived from worldwide statistics. You can find how much time you are likely to live and what amount of time you have already spent. This life expectancy calculator is based on the World Health Organization 2011 data on average life expectancy in each country and it is also gender specific. You only need to enter your birth date, gender, country and your own prediction of life expectancy.

The calculator uses the concept of life expectancy described as an average statistic number of years that a person, either male or female from a certain region is likely to live. This concept can also be referred to plants and animals regarding their life span and even objects to underline how much time those can be used. The life duration calculator behind statistics of this kind takes in consideration many social factors that influence the quality of life in different places of the world and can be analyzed in each country separately. It also relates to simple biology of the human race and the number of deaths at each age occurred in a certain amount of time. The life expectancy changes every few years and in the last centuries has raised since the living conditions have improved in many places.

Example result:

You are 44 years old...

- According to your life expectancy of 80 years, you have already lived 55% of your life.

- According to World Health Organization statistics 2011 you have already lived 57.89% of your life.

- You entered that you live in United States and for the males in your country the life expectancy is 76 years. That means your prediction is optimistic since there is a positive difference of 4 years between your prediction on how long you will live and international statistics.

27 Dec, 2014