This famous birthdays calculator uses the month and day you were born to give you ten examples of famous birthdays relevant for the date you input. Discover more on this subject and an example result below the form.

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How does this famous birthdays calculator work?

This is a quick tool designed to provide you with ten famous people that were born on the same day as you and also tell you what year their birthday was in. All you have to do is input your birthday or the dob of anyone you are interested to calculate.

The famous birthdays calculator covers all 366 days in the leap years so you can search for famous birthdays for any day and any month you like. The calculator focuses on delivering you famous people from the nineteenth century onwards so you can brush up on your history facts as well.

Example of a result

For instance for the January 1st search, these are the 10 famous birthdays that show up:

- Willy den Ouden: Dutch swimmer (WR 100m, 1:04.06) in 1918.

- Franciscus Balduinus (Francois Baudouin): Lawyer in 1520.

- Morgan Fisher: Rock keyboardist (British Lions) in 1950.

- Antoinette du Ligier de la Guard Deshoulieres: French poet - playwright in 1638.

- Tom Sier: Soccer player (SC Heerenveen) in 1970.

- Charles Renouvier: French philosopher (neocriticism) in 1815.

- Frans Kellendonk: Author (Ruin, The Good for Nothing) in 1951.

- Huldrych Zwingli: Switzerland - Protestant Reformer in 1481.

- Beno Bryant: WLAF running back (Amsterdam Admirals) in 1971.

- Abdul Ahad Mohmand: Afghanistan - Cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-6) in 1959.

Or maybe you are curious to see what celebrities were born on June 15th:

- Paul Gilson: Composer in 1865.

- Justin C G Leonard: Dallas, Texas - PGA golfer (1994 Anheuser-Busch-3rd) in 1972.

- George Joseph Vogler: Composer in 1749.

- David Rose: London, England - Orchestra leader (Red Skelton Show, Stripper) in 1910.

- Mario Cuomo, (D-NY-gov) in 1932.

- Michael Lutz: Bassist (Brownsville Station) in 1949.

- Clio Goldsmith: Paris, France - Actress (Gift, Heat of Desire) in 1957.

- Amanda Cromwell: Washington, DC - Soccer midfielder (1996 Olympics) in 1970.

- Tim Lester: NFL fullback (Pittsburgh Steelers) in 1968.

- Champ Summers: Baseball player in 1948.

16 Mar, 2015