This am I in love test shows you whether you are happily in love in your relationship or if you have feelings for someone you think of. You can read more on this subject and discover the twenty signs he or she loves you below the form.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the four sections below!:

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Do you feel comfortable being yourself around your partner?

What is going on when you and your partner have some free time to spend together?

Have you told your partner you love him/her yet?

Are you attracted to your partner and keep telling everyone how great he/she is?

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How do you feel around your partner?

How do you react when your partner states their opinions on something important in your life?

Did you present him/her to your friends or family?

What are you thinking of when daydreaming about your partner?

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Do you usually prepare surprises or small nice gestures for your partner?

How much do you spend time together or communicate?

Are there any moments when you feel agitated or annoyed by him/her?

How would you react to getting a date proposal from an attractive person?

Section 4 of 4

What would you do if your partner asked that you two do something you really hate?

How you react when your partner tells you about their day/ problems?

Would you feel the same for your partner if they changed their appearance, like put on weight etc. ?

How would you react if your partner received a job opportunity miles away?

How does this am I in love test work?

Ever wondered “Am I in love?” and weren’t able to pin point your feelings accordingly or maybe if you are happily in love in your relationship? Wonder no more, this 16 item test works like a love tester that assesses how much you care for the person you are using it for.

It has 4 sections, each one containing a number of 4 questions you are invited to answer quickly at your first impulse. Each question has 3 answers from which you need to select just one. You will be then given an interpretation of your choices that will hopefully shed a new perspective.

Dr. Seuss said that you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. But how to know when you’re in love if you are still able to sleep? “How can I tell I’m in love?” is a common question in many couples and there is no quick answer to it. Take the love test and check the other signs you’re in love or not. 

Example result

“For sure you are not in love right now. This can mean an awful lot of things depending on your situation. If you’re at the beginning of a relationship check how much you care for the person near you and decide whether you need more time to know your partner in order for love to bloom or you are just a bystander in a relationship in which you don’t give nor plan to give any signs of affection. Or maybe you are just very attracted strictly physical to the person you are seeing but don’t envision spending a lifetime beside them. Whether it is just the case of a passing lust or of something more yet to be discovered make sure you make the best of the time you spend together and that everyone is happy with this arrangement.”

20 Signs you’re in love:

If the love test did not provide enough of an answer for you and are still wondering how to know you’re in love here are some of the signs you’re in love. In general, all you have to do is pay attention to what you feel and to the way you act around him or her. You can also adapt these signs to signs he or she is in love with you and assess how your partner feels about you.

1.   There can’t go several hours without you thinking of him/her or trying to call or text.

2.   You’re doing something ordinary, like going shopping and you stop and wonder what he/ she would think about something you come across.

3.   You find out something new and the first thing that comes into your mind is that you should share the news with him/her.

4.   You catch yourself calling or texting him/her just to say hear their voice.

5.   You feel a rush of different feelings every time you see him/her.

6.   You truly value his/her opinions and even try to adopt some of them.

7.   You feel most confident showing your true self to him/her.

8.   You talk about him/ her all the time and to anyone who has ears to hear you.

9.   You took their opinion in consideration regarding an important decision in your life.

10. You are willing to make little compromise to make things even better between you two.

11. The way he/she thinks of you makes you want to be a better person.

12. You are willing to help him/her no matter what comes in the way.

13. You feel relaxed in his/her company no matter what you are doing.

14. You feel like you become a better version of yourself when you’re with him/her.

15. You are willing to step out of your comfort zone for his/her sake.

16. You are not afraid to say whatever is on your mind.

17. You always find yourself caring for his/her wellbeing.

18. Can’t imagine life without this person besides you.

19. Can’t imagine having a family with someone else.

20. Can’t imagine growing old and not having him/her near you.

24 Jan, 2015