This trigonometry calculator finds the radiant and degrees of Sine (Sin) Cosine (Cos) Tangent (Tan) Cotangent (Cot) Secant (Sec) Cosecant (Cosec) Arc Sine (ASin) Arc Cosine (ACos) Arc Tangent (ATan) Arc Cotangent (ACot) Arc Secant (ASec) or Arc Cosecant.

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Use this trigonometry calculator…

… to solve a wide range of trigonometry problems and exercises by considering the value to be converted to radians and degrees.

The list of trigonometry functions and their inverse is presented below:

Function Inverse
sin arcsin
cos arccos
tangent arctan
sec arcsec
csc arccsc
cot arccot

The trigonometry formulas are:

Function Formula
Sine (sin) Opposite / Hypotenuse
Cosine (cos) Adjacent / Hypotenuse
Tangent (tan or tg) Opposite / Adjacent
Cotangent (cot or cotg or ctg or ctn) Adjacent / Opposite
Secant (sec) Hypotenuse / Adjacent
Cosecant (csc or cosec) Hypotenuse / Opposite

Example of a result

Let’s input value 45 in the form and we will get these results:


Function Value Function Value
Sine (Sin) 0.8509 Arc Sine (ASin) n/a
Cosine (Cos) 0.5253 Arc Cosine (ACos) n/a
Tangent (Tan) 1.6198 Arc Tangent (ATan) 1.5486
Cotangent (Cot) 0.6174 Arc Cotangent (ACot) 0.0222
Secant (Sec) 1.9036 Arc Secant (ASec) 1.5486
Cosecant (Cosec) 1.1752 Arc Cosecant (ACosec) 0.0222



Function Value Function Value
Sine (Sin) 0.7071 Arc Sine (ASin) n/a
Cosine (Cos) 0.7071 Arc Cosine (ACos) n/a
Tangent (Tan) 1.0000 Arc Tangent (ATan) 88.7270
Cotangent (Cot) 1.0000 Arc Cotangent (ACot) 1.2730
Secant (Sec) 1.4142 Arc Secant (ASec) 88.7267
Cosecant (Cosec) 1.4142 Arc Cosecant (ACosec) 1.2733

16 Apr, 2015